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January 18, 2018

back to school byron bay hacks

“Love goes toward love as schoolboys from their books, But love from love, toward school with heavy looks.” ― William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet.


Normally, we are big fans of The Bard, but after a long hot summer, most parents are keen to see their cherubs neatened up and back into the school routine. Kids are longing for friendships to be rekindled, to discover who will be in their homeroom classes and to size up the teachers who will be their guiding lights and gravity for the next year.


With an office full of local mums and dads, we have compiled a list of the best back to school hacks to make next week as smooth as possible. Here are five of the best.


  1. Uneaten apples at the bottom of the school bag


“There is a universal truth that the likelihood of fruit being eaten increases exponentially if it is cut up for you and yet, once cut and left in a hot school bag for a few hours, kids complain that it has ‘gone yukky. Enter the humble rubber band.”


Rubber band apple

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  1. Getting everyone out the door on time.


“Make a playlist of family favourite songs that last for exactly as long as the morning routine takes. Countdown the getting ready milestones based on songs finishing takes all of the nagging out of getting kids ready for school and helps to motivate little people to find their shoes/eat their breakfast.”


  1. Baby wipes are relevant way beyond the baby years


“The number of times I have gone to kiss our kids goodbye at the school gate only to see vegemite smeared on their faces is countless. Keeping a travel pack of baby wipes in the car will help to get kids (and parents) over that final threshold.”


  1. Contact is for Schmucks


“In an aspirational nation like Australia, no parent should ever have to go through the torture of stretching sticky contact plastic over books. Even if you have the time, the stress of those bubbles, torn covers and contact sticking to itself will take years of your life. At most stationary shops, and for a comparable cost, you can get non-adhesive slip on book covers that can even be re-used year after year. You’re welcome.”


  1. Two boxes of peace


“As an organised adult it can be inconceivable how each and every day seems to begin with the question, ‘Where are my shoes?’. Every. Day. So we solved this by putting two boxes at the front door. One for shoes and one for socks. If shoes go in the box of an afternoon they are there in the morning, right next to a central place for clean, rolled socks.”

School shoes and socks

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