Community Driven Masterplans For Byron Shire Towns & Villages

July 14, 2017

It is in winter that those of us lucky enough to live on the North Coast of NSW realise how fortunate we are.
Particularly this winter.
The skies have been mainly blue and the ocean is still warm and some people are still wearing shorts and t-shirts although we locals like to drag out jumpers and scarves just for a change of clothing.
Our property market has just had another good year with most communities enjoying solid capital gain.
Demand still exceeds supply in many areas but the days on market to sell a home have blown out in recent months and the internet activity on properties for sale have certainly diminished since the frantic activity of late 2016.
We all feel that the market is now transitioning to a more normal market.
Sellers who realistically price their homes right now are still being rewarded with strong sale prices and for buyers there is good value to be found in most local markets in the region.
Our company has over the last couple of weeks made a record breaking sale in Coopers Shoot and another sale in the older section of Byron Bay that is one of the highest ever for a quarter acre block (1012m2). These 2 sales are certainly indications that the market remains strong.
North Coast communities are all working hard on reimagining themselves right now with new master plan groups initiated by council and driven by the local communities working on the task of improving walkability, cycle tracks, transport, car parking and landscaping.
I personally have spent 3 years as part of the Byron Bay Masterplan Group and we are now in the final planning and implementing stages for the first part of the town centre to receive a makeover.
The Masterplan process is happening in towns all over the shire and council needs to be commended – particularly the Mayor and the General Manager – for their championing of the masterplan process.
Festivals continue to thrive and The Blues Festival has come and gone successfully again with Splendour in the Grass on next weekend followed by The Byron Writers Festival August 4-8.
In November, my favourite music festival – The Mullum Music Festival – is on November 16-19.
I want to take a minute to congratulate and thank the 25 staff and partners at First National Byron Bay.
Our company has just won office of the year for the Australia and NZ network (More than 400 offices).
It’s a huge thrill for all of us and we are very proud.

Some interesting property facts:

1) The average price of a house in Bangalow is now more than $1,000,000.
2) 88% of buyers for property in our region now come from NSW. QLD and VIC now make up just over 10%. This is a huge change from a decade ago when VIC competed with NSW as the largest feeder market of buyers into our region.
3) At a tourism forum this week I was told that Gold Coast Airport presently has 6 million visitors per year and within a decade this figure will increase to 16 million.
4) 70% of the buildings needed by 2030 in India have not been built yet.
One final note. First National have built the most widely read property communication platform in this region. You are part of it now as you read this weekly newsletter. 13,000 people every week receive this newsletter and huge numbers of them click through to our website to view property.
If we can help you or your friends or family with any real estate matters, please give us a call.
Chris Hanley

3 Responses to “Community Driven Masterplans For Byron Shire Towns & Villages”

  • Jamie Wheeler says:

    Hi Chris,
    I love receiving the news letter on what is happening around byron, makes me fell just that little bit closer and warmer at this time of year!
    Keep it happening!
    Chilly Jim
    Orange NSW

    • byronbayfn says:

      Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for your feedback, we love doing the newsletter each week.

      Stay warm and have a great weekend 🙂

  • Desmond Last says:

    I am in the U.K the Land of the Robot and walking Zombies – your newsletter makes me homesick

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