LIFE OF BYRON: Loving Lennox Head

June 5, 2018

Local real estate agent Helen Huntly-Barratt has lived in Lennox Head for the past 15 years. With the ‘Love Lennox Festival’ in full swing this month, we caught up with her to discover why she loves Lennox Head.

Describe Lennox Head for someone who has never been.

“Lennox Head is nestled just south of Byron Bay, and remains an ideal coastal surf town, with the stunning white stretches of Seven Mile Beach and the world-famous point break at Lennox Point. Actually, Lennox Head has Australia’s first National Surfing Reserve.”

“There is an obvious connection to the surfing community, with the ocean playing such a big role in the town’s culture and economy. Each August, the town plays hosts to The Lennox Longboard Classic, which is a fun and relaxed celebration of this fun and relaxed discipline of surfing.”

Lennox Head

“We also have the Love Lennox Festival in June – which celebrates other aspects of our town, such as the vibrant artistic community, our food providers and producers, and other small businesses.”

Helen, what is so ‘loveable’ about Lennox Head?

“I love Lennox Head due to the village atmosphere and connected community.”

“I think we have an idyllic seaside town and with a permanent population of around 7,500, and we can’t help but embrace the small town values of caring and cooperation that make a community special.”

“Lennox Head has access to all of the modern comforts and amenities and it is very close to the regional centre, which provides all of the urban support for the town.”

“Access is easy with the motorway and hinterland all with 15 minutes of the town.”

“And yet despite the proximity to Byron Bay, it is the slightly slower pace of Lennox Head that locals retreat back to, and that I love. There is nothing like being able to leave the car in the garage and walk to everything you need.”

And what about for those who don’t surf.

“The natural beauty of Lennox Head stretches far back inland from the breakers. Just over the tea-tree lined foreshore is stunning Lake Ainsworth which has walking tracks, picnics and barbeque areas.”

“You don’t necessarily need to be on a board to enjoy all that the ocean has to offer. From the Pat Morton Lookout, you can see dolphins playing year round and from May to November each year, we can see the great east coast whale migration.”

Of all the towns in the Northern Rivers Region, why did you decide to make Lennox Head your home?

“I used to visit Lennox Head in the school holidays, as my Grandparents lived here then. There is something powerful in that nostalgia and I hold fond memories. I grew up in rural NSW but because of that connection to the ocean and to my family, I moved to Lennox Head and now it’s my home of 15 years.”

“I love everything about Lennox!”

3 Responses to “LIFE OF BYRON: Loving Lennox Head”

  • Jim Ireland says:

    note you are a road cyclist. What is the cycling scene like in the area ? I see there a couple of clubs in ballina and byron. I am a member of a club but mainly a social rider now.

  • Helen says:

    Hi Jim, there are some good cycling clubs in the area and beautiful scenery to take in when you catch your breath,…there’s some good hills to conquer! The local cycling community range in skill from triathletes, semi professionals to social riders. The clubs from Ballina to Byron are all very friendly and there’s a fit for everyone.

  • C T Mitchell says:

    Great place to chill out and write

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