Old Stuff: Better than the new stuff?

March 2, 2018

Today, the 2nd of March, is celebrated as “International Old Stuff Day”. We are marking the day with The Retro Edit.

I’ve been moved to pull out some old drawers, open some old boxes and check out the “old stuff” of First National Byron Bay. Here is something odd. What jumped out from the archives is that although so much has changed since the world went digital, at the same time, nothing has changed because people are still at the very core of everything we do.

Our “stuff”, the tools we use in business to connect people and to connect with people have changed. In those boxes I found carbon paper used to ‘print’ in duplicate, whereas now we are heading towards being as paperless as possible. I found photos of properties that we had developed at a chemist for advertising, and of course now that is all online.

I found old notebooks with service notes from back in the day. Of course, all of that is now stored in software but flicking through the pages, they told the story of hundreds of families; buying, selling, and letting.

The hopes and aspirations of all those people we have served over the years hit me, along with the gravity of the responsibility and privilege we hold in assisting people to make the moves and transactions that will define their “homes” in this community.

In this age of big brands and big noise, where I see a move to cut corners and use technology or “new” stuff to cut out service in the worship of “efficiency”, days like today are important for us to rededicate ourselves to the central value of service.

If people forget the “old stuff”, we face the danger of missing connection. Missing story. Missing value. If you are transacting property, that stuff is the good stuff; and the stuff that matters to us.

Take new stuff for all its worth. If we can save our customers a bit of shoe leather by giving them answers on a screen, then great. But looking at this old stuff, we know never to lose sight of the good stuff.

Do you like the old stuff better than the new stuff?

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