Means to Meaning

July 27, 2018

The Byron Bay Writer’s Festival is on a fast-approaching horizon. As major sponsors of the event, we wish everyone an enjoyable festival and we are excited to welcome the influx of wordsmiths, poets and their fans to our regional centre.

The written word has, really, taken up such a small proportion of our human history. The development of complex, diverse language groups across our species has no parallel in the animal kingdom. Language and the recording of it is a uniquely human phenomenon.

Why, and how, language developed is an area of research that has produced wildly conflicting theories between biologists, linguists, anthropologists and sociologists, but they can all agree that in terms of our evolution, there was some event or process by which we decided that we needed to share. Whether the desire to communicate is innate and just happened or whether we learned the advantages of information sharing, humans now construct the world around them in terms of language and words that carry specific and relative meaning.

We call those who are skilled in the use of language, wordsmiths. Smiths, because like any skilled craftspeople, they carve out an art form from raw words.

One of the things that The Writer’s Festival showcases to the world is the depth of story that exists in our town. That rich layer of human interaction with the constructed and natural aspect of our town is a drawcard for the festival and so it is too for those seeking to make this region their permanent home.

The relationship between real estate agents and wordsmiths is an interesting one. When I reflect on our work, it is not a matter of simply displaying the attributes of a property but rather telling a story of value about the property. As real estate agents, words are our means to meaning. Making house mean home is the skill and the art of a good real estate agent and will mean the difference between standard pricing and a premium one.

Words and images are our currency in how we imagineer the story of a property. There is more to it than you might imagine. The careful selection of words between almost synonymous descriptions of a property can have a significant bearing on a buyer’s interpretation of value and lifestyle.

Every property, every street, every district and every town has a story and as agents, we seek to understand that experience and amplify it in the search of the right person to whom the baton of ownership will pass. Local immersion is the only way we can do that well, and it is why you will find so much of the First National Byron Bay family shoe-leather on the footpaths and driveways in our Shire.

To attempt to market property without that layer is akin to focusing on the volume of food one consumes, whilst ignoring the nutritional properties, the taste, the source and artisanal value of its production.

Life, lifestyle and property are all full of meaning. Without the written word, how could we hope to understand or convey that meaning?

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