Suffolk Park – A Great Place To Call Home

October 21, 2014


For most of us we live in a community and we think we know it well but often we really just know our own small patch.

We know the area around our own home well and our favourite spots that we visit and use every day. There are always special places or little nooks and crannies in a community though that even long time locals can overlook.

What I would like to do is focus on a couple of the precincts or small communities within our Shire and see how well you know your own backyard.

Suffolk Park Beachside is for a lot of people, the best place to live in the Byron Shire.

It can have the best surf and it does have a beautiful beach and there is great fishing. Most importantly it is a family friendly community who live and play in the streets and on the beaches. It is a happy, easy going place.

For a lot of people it is what Byron Bay used to be like before everyone discovered it.

Two of my partners Paul Banister and Sharon McInnes are long-time residents and very experienced real estate agents who have chosen to live there exactly for these reasons.

Here is what they love;

“I find the beach therapeutic/almost healing. It is always calming. There are never too many on the beach even at the busiest of times – a great place for reflection and being grateful.

Also we love Tallow Creek, when you are paddling through there you could be anywhere in the world. It is so quiet and peaceful.

The smell of fresh air from the sea that hasn’t been touched by anyone or anything as we are the most easterly point

When I moved back to Suffolk Park last year, I woke to silence and felt like I was home – quite amazing really!” Sharon


“We love living in Suffolk Park. It is so handy to be able to stroll to the local Bakery and Spar Grocery Store.

Our dog Pippi enjoys a walk along the dog friendly section of the beach at sunset whilst we observe the interesting changes to the tidal sand banks that occur each day.

Watching the seabirds, ospreys, pelicans and sea eagles in the morning is an incredible sight as are seeing the Brahminy kites, the oyster catches and terns at the entrance of Tallow Creek.

To start the day in Suffolk, you just can’t beat an early morning bike ride on the low tide as the sun rises.” Paul

Market Facts

There are around 750 actual dwellings on the beach side of Suffolk Park.

Bay wood Chase and Byron Hills, which is also part of the Suffolk Park community, has another 870 dwellings.

The combined Suffolk Park population therefore makes up around 25% of the whole 2481(Byron Bay) postcode.

Over the last decade Suffolk Park has been an area in which First National has always listed and sold a lot of property

We have managed to sell virtually every second house over this time and during the last quarter we again sold around 45% of the homes.

One final point to make about Suffolk Park…

The demographic is younger than some of the other communities in the Shire and for some people this is exactly what draws them there.


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