Turn On The Sun

August 3, 2018

We find ourselves longing for sun-soaked rays to be pouring in the windows and for the burning yellow sand to be underfoot once again. From the depths of winter, we long for the warmer weather…even though in paradise the cold is reasonably mild.

Yet, as humans, we form part of the natural world, and a scientific phenomenon known as ‘the heliotropic effect’ forces all living things to grow and lean towards the sun and towards positive forces. Just pause and take that in. Plants and living things grow and move towards the sun and towards positivity.

Yellow is a symbol of positivity. Colour psychology posits that human behaviour can be impacted by the colours of objects in the direct environment. Yellow represents energy and according to Pantone (the world authority on colour,) Yellow is:

“Invariably connected to the sun, yellow cheers us with its sparkle of heat and vitality, warming any environment in which it is applied, brightening and awakening the spirit of all who enter.”

Almost every culture in history has used yellow or solar motifs to represent the divine. In the Christian tradition, yellow globes and circles are placed around the heads of sacred persons to represent their saintliness and closeness to the divine. The indigenous cultures of Meso and South America placed an enormous reverence on the sun, to the point that human sacrifice was made for the pleasure of the sun-god.

Ancient Egyptians worshipped the Sun god, Ra. The Vedic civilisation had Surya. The Iranian-rooted Mithraic cult of Ancient Rome celebrated a festival of Sol Invictus (Unconquerable Sun) on the 25th of December and this, eventually became the date for Christmas.

If you look at how our town is laid out, we too worship the sun. Johnson and Fletcher streets gently guide us to the mouth-like bay of Main Beach – and there is no better temple to the sun that this stunning vista of sand and sea. This is the heliotropic effect at play and a helicopter view over our coastal towns indicates that we have cradled and organised our living around the ingestion of yellow from the sun and the sand.

Perhaps this is science explaining why so many people are drawn to the positive effects of yellow in our beautiful Shire.

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