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September 26, 2018

Looking for things to do to keep the kids entertained this school holidays?

Head over to The Farm Byron Bay, they have got the most beautiful new highlander calf just in time for the school hols!

Or, book them in for The Farm Kids Mini Farmers Program on the 2nd and 9th October.

The kids become mini farmers and get set to work doing farm chores; collecting and cleaning eggs, checking fences, feeding animals, clearing paddocks and more. They work alongside the farmers from Liberation Larder in the market garden. They cook, create and see where their food comes from as well as experience countless opportunities to learn about teamwork, community, and ethical farming practices.

What is included?

The Farm Byron Bay’s Mini Farmers Program introduces children to real life farming. They get their hands dirty and work along-side real farmers.

Farm Chores:
Each day they collect eggs from the working chickens, they clean and prepare them for sale, as well as restock their bedding, ensure they have fresh drinking water and clean out their chookie house.  They check the animals, fences and food troughs. They clear paddocks of debris, restock bedding and collect manure for the market garden.

They work alongside the farming team from the community group Liberation Larder on their market garden. They prepare the soil, plant seedlings, harvest what is ready, and see how proper nurturing leads to healthy food production for families in need in our community.

Morning tea – They make drinks with fresh ingredients from the garden, a fruit platter and make wholesome dips with organic farm fresh ingredients.

They make Butter, Pesto or Jam from scratch to put on their Freshly Baked Bread for lunches.  They cook corn fritters or hash browns or veggie frittata for lunch. The children do the cooking!!

If time permits they make a scarecrow for the market garden, lip balm, bath bombs and cute little soaps to take home out of natural products and a mini herb garden which the kids can replant at home to start their very own garden. (Activities can change depending on the group of children).

These workshops are appropriate for children who are interested in farming, energetic and willing to work. 7yrs to 15yrs

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