March 2, 2019

2019s Top Living Room Trends

Living room trends in 2019 are all about healthy living and well being, with a focus on nature, family connection, and light and space to counter-balance our synthetic and digital world. While binge-watching Netflix and talking to Google may be our new favourite pastimes, we want to do it in spaces that make us feel happy, safe and with a few key luxurious touches.

Let there be light

Natural light boosts both emotional and physical well being. If you’re renovating, look for ways to open-up your living room to the kitchen and garden to bring darker rooms back to life. Consider skylights, large retractable glass doors and re-glazing. Make sure the ventilation is good. Spectacular downlights and fittings of gold patina add a wonderful touch of luxury.

Get a bit green

The use of colour plays a fundamental role with its capacity to inspire calm and take away the stresses of the day. Designers are veering away from pastels to work with patterns of cultural and natural authenticity.
Splashes of green or blue underpin the trend, signalling a closer-to-nature approach. Green hasn’t been a fashionable colour since the Art Deco days of the 1920s, yet it is now seen as a way to bring nature closer. Pantone colours such as martini olive and quetzal green are growing in popularity.

Be bold and luxurious

And while we’re talking colour, striking wallpaper is making a comeback. Bold patterns, botanical artworks and even animal prints are in this year. It’s another extension of the trend for an environmental vibe that is also lush and luxurious.

If you opt for sensational splashes of colour, make sure the rest of the room features relaxing neutral tones. Too much colour will undermine the feeling of calm you are aiming to achieve and make the room feel a lot smaller. It’s important to get the colour balance right.

Minimal curves

In keeping with the desire for more space, minimalism in the living room is also on trend. It represents a move away from multiple pieces of furniture that clutter and make a room feel busy or full, when it should create an aura of relaxation.

However, furniture is moving away from the straight and austere lines of the sparse Scandinavian look to more natural curves, and high-quality fabrics for couches and chairs are an essential. Velvet is enjoying a renaissance as it offers feeling of luxury.

Throw on some culture

Rugs and throw cushions are moving towards the artisanal rather than the manufactured with a preference for sustainable and natural fibres. Traditional, cultural patterns will be popular on rugs, wall hangings and cushions, and natural textiles work well across many styles of living room. In a nutshell, handmade imperfection is in, and the laser-cut precision of the factory is out.

Get personal

No living room is complete without a few personal touches. This room more than any other should be about you and your family. It has to connect emotionally, or it becomes cold and featureless. Don’t be afraid of adding photos, books and art that have meaning for you. Just avoid cluttering the surfaces.

Living room checklist: 

Stay healthy – Designs feature more light and fresh air. The aim is to psychologically boost your wellbeing by bringing nature closer to nature.

Your oasis – Colours of green and blue are designed to offer a relaxing environment while the minimalist approach to furniture will make your life feel less cluttered and busy.

Balance colours – If you choose to use green or wallpaper as a feature wall, then consider more neutral colours elsewhere. Busy rooms feel small.

Cute curves – The straight and austere furniture that has been part of the Ikea-inspired “Scandi-mania” is giving way to curves and a more natural look.

Quality coverings – High-quality natural fabrics are being used for couches and chairs. Consider neutral colours if you favour a feature wall with a strong colour.

Art for art’s sake – Artisan pieces with authentic cultural connection and natural fabrics provide another element of nature. Tapestries, rugs and throw-cushions are a great way to embrace this trend.

Be personal – Every living room needs to tell your story. Always add favourite photos, books and object d’art that connect to you emotionally.

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