March 2, 2019

7 Top Tips for an Autumn Sale

The property market’s most motivated buyers come out for autumn. The tyre-kickers who love the spring and summer selling seasons are gone by the time evenings become cooler and the leaves begin to turn.

Autumn buyers have usually thought carefully about their future over the summer months, so they’re serious and focused but tend to be specific about their needs.

The market usually witnesses a trend for faster deals at this time of year because of a buyer will often act quickly once they’ve found their desired purchase.

Smart sellers should seek advice and do some research to understand market conditions, competing properties and price-positioning before undertaking an Autumn campaign.

As your local market expert, we can provide you with this information and help you avoid simple mistakes. We’ll look at how you can take advantage of an autumn-time sale, using subtle but effective strategies inside and outside the home.

A key watch-out is timing. Autumn includes Easter, which creates a short but sharp slowdown across the whole economy.

If your home has a pool or is located near the beach or has an outdoor living area that is a feature, it makes sense to put the property on the market in early autumn to make the most of the remaining warm weather.

Giving your property an autumnal vibe can also have a beneficial impact on potential buyers. If you feel some of the rooms need a paint, then consider whites and beige to fit the seasonal mood.

Focus should fall on the garden where the soft browns and reds of foliage create a wonderful atmosphere. Additional impact can be created by planting flowerbeds with autumnal favourites such as late flowering roses, evergreen frangipanis and the silver and greens of cacti.

Keep the lawn well-watered and mown, and apply nitrogen if it is still looking brown and tired from summer.

Curb-side appeal is always important but especially in autumn when a fresh, vibrant garden can make a property stand out. The most popular autumn flowers, such as chrysanthemums and marigolds, are a greater choice because they bloom for a long time and can be put in pots.

Autumnal colours can be applied to inside the house, too. Add furnishings such as a throw-rug of warm browns, oranges and yellows to keep the seasonal feel consistent. Fashionable colours feature rich greens with warm, plush fabrics such as velvet – perfect for throw-cushions.

You might even consider a bowl of bright red apples on the kitchen bench, or a similar centrepiece on the dining table, for further accent.

Authentic, cultural wall-hangings and rugs add texture and atmosphere to any room and are at the cutting edge of home fashion right now.

Making the most of natural light is essential, too. Consider rearranging furniture to ensure the light through the windows has the maximum impact. If your windows haven’t been cleaned for a while, get it done. You’ll be amazed at the extra light that will flood into your home when they’re spotless.

Top tips for an autumn sale

  • Time your viewings carefully. Make sure your viewings are held before late afternoon to make the best of any sunshine.
  • Focus on the gardens. Capitalise on autumn by bringing your property to life with a splash of bright marigold yellow to complement the soft browns and oranges of autumn.
  • Keep the seasonal colour scheme inside, too. Use a throw-rug and scatter-cushions in autumn colours to create a subtle bridge between the garden and interior.
  • Re-paint with soft colours. Use whites and beige colours to maintain the autumnal feel. Colours that might be suitable for summer can be a disaster at this time of year.
  • Let the light in. Maximise the natural light. Move furniture away from windows and pull back curtains and blinds. Clean the windows, as summer storms can lay grime on the window panes, significantly filtering the light.
  • Keep the lights on. It’s important to make your home bright, so keep on all the lights for every inspection. Use eco-friendly lamps to present as a modern home.
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