September 26, 2019

9 Ways to Achieve Hampton’s Style

Hamptons-style homes are luxurious and airy – perfect for Australia yet created half a world away on
for the coastline of Long Island, New York.

Their elegant, timeless embrace of natural timbers, natural light and outdoor living has made this
design approach hugely popular and a high-value choice for renovators.

Hamptons homes are immediately recognisable for their gable roof and plantation shutters. These
are complemented by a palette of whites and creams, soft greys and blues that create a luxurious,
by-the-sea atmosphere for those who crave to get away from the hurly-burly of city life.

The flooring of natural timbers and large balconies off the living areas and main bedrooms are also
trademark elements. Bi-folds, French doors and sheer curtains create a wonderful visual between
the rooms and balconies that bring the outdoors inside.

To bring a touch of Hamptons style to your home, it is essential that these are applied consistently
and with conviction.

Here are some tips:

1. Keep it simple, be consistent
This is the golden rule of creating a Hamptons home. Elegant simplicity underpins the interior
design concept with its use of whites and cream colours, natural timber, the embrace of natural
light and wicker-style furnishings.

2. It begins with the flooring
Hamptons homes use rich, natural timber flooring that immediately transport you back to nature.
If you wish to be faithful to the design, choose boards of American white oak. In the US right
now, it’s fashionable to stain them black. Timber flooring throughout gives the home a rich,
luxurious appeal.

3. Timber, the trademark
It really is all about the wood. Timber wall panelling and rails make a foundational contribution,
along with the plantation shutters. Most commonly, the walls and rails will be painted white and
softened with touches of grey highlight or edging. It’s the classic look of America’s north-east.

4. In the big chair
Americans love big-statement furnishings, and that’s not compromised in a typical Hamptons
home. Over-sized sofas, big lamps and coffee table all combine to offer a plush impression.
Perhaps most synonymous with Hamptons living is wicker furniture painted white to reflect the
abundance of light.

5. Open up the windows
Wide, open glazing treatments are a major contributor to how the Hamptons design concept
creates a relaxed atmosphere. If your budget stretches, consider investing in multi-pane
windows, French doors and skylights to amplify the light and feeling. Roman blinds or sheer
curtains add the finishing touch.

6. Classic kitchens
Marble and light-stone benchtops provide the kitchen with a classic, elegant appearance that should
never be cluttered with electrical appliances. Country-style cupboards in white with intricate
wainscoting complement this approach. For an accent of colour, consider subtle wall tiles as the
back-splash and the centrepiece of a fruit bowl.

7. Focus on fittings
Hamptons homes are all about the detail. While they create a wonderfully laid-back
atmosphere, it’s achieved with an uncompromising embrace of the style. Pendant and lantern-style
lights and elegant tapware in the kitchens and bathrooms are hallmarks that cannot be ignored.

8. Soft furnishings
Use a mixture of greys, navy and duck-egg blue for your rugs, wall hangings and throw cushions.
These will provide an additional accent of coastal life to enhance the overall interior design.
Florals, geometric designs are also popular and faithful to the style.

9. Coastal touch
True to its heritage of the Long Island coast, Hamptons homes are brought to life with subtle
use of fixtures, fittings and ornaments of seafaring origin. Even presentation jars containing seashells and pebbles will get the job done.

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