May 10, 2019

A Gut Feel

The CSIRO has recently released their new diet guidelines based on decades of research that connects the health of microbiota (little flora that live in the digestive tract) to health conditions such as cancer, auto-immune diseases and (somewhat surprisingly) mental health too. Like most of today’s knowledge, there seems to be evidence of grounded wisdom in the approach from a previous age.

Although the empirical evidence was limited, Elizabethan understanding of the ‘humours’ connected the bile of the gut to diseases of the mind centuries ago…but like all medicine is inclined to do – there is a disease not a wellness approach to the connection between body and mind.

‘Trusting your gut’ is an idiom that we are all reasonably familiar with. There is a physical unease when something is not right. Reflecting back on every bad decision I have made, there was always that ‘something’. The pang of warning that said ‘don’t’; whether or not I listened to that sign was a pretty early indication of success. When my ‘brain’ kicked in and did a manual override of the ‘tummy compass’ – it’s never ended well. Never.

And when I look at my own tummy, gravity affected as it might be after these three days, I lament the times I didn’t honour its message to me. The region of my body that produced my children, while letting me down cosmetically, has never let me down intuitively. Never.

And so in the real estate context, we understand that buyers cross the threshold of a viewing inspection with their own tummy compass. The compass is calibrated for an individual buyer based on their personalised ‘gut feel’ for a property.

Helping buyers to interpret the tummy compass and to gain a heading that a property is ‘home’ is the navigational aspect of the real estate agent’s job. Properties are a tangible asset but that is not necessarily the currency of the ‘gut’. Properties require storytelling to help people understand the value of a ‘home’ that extends far beyond the bricks and mortar of a property.

In the listing and marketing of a property, the agents of First National Byron, take on board the deep responsibility that comes with representing the non-tangible quality of a home and telling that story. The connection we build between humans and property is the critical skill for and agent in orienting a tummy compass and building the quality of the emotional connection between people and property.