November 30, 2018

Exit Wounds

As real estate agents, we deal in people’s life events: The beginnings and the endings. The need to transact property or move home is sparked by ‘something’. That something ranges from the excitement of a new job or a new addition to the family; to the despair from loss of relationships, health, or money. As agents helping people move in and out of these life events, we have a unique perspective on the ledger of life.

When there are two parties in a transaction, we often are dealing with someone’s beginning and someone else’s end, while watching the baton of ownership pass through different hands. Over time, as an agent, you develop a knowing about exit wounds.


Exit wounds are the much larger impact of tough life events, that aren’t immediately obvious on the surface.


As real estate agents, there is a special set of skills required that allows for compassion and empathy for the people in a transaction while preserving a calm rationality towards the business elements of the deal.


It is why good agents will always be relevant. People who are dealing with their most significant asset at times of great personal transition need someone they can trust with the value of the asset and the nursing of any exit wounds.


When you are an agent with deep roots in the community, you also get to see the exit wounds heal. Relationships with people over a long period of time means you get to ride the beginnings and endings of life with them.


We have the privilege of being long-term observers of the lives around us where we sell and it is comforting to have the kind of perspective where you can see that the pendulum eventually swings around for everyone. Remember that.


Also, remember that our community has been a place of healing for many people. It is a special place with good people and good energy. The lucky ones among us have nice individual homes and we share some pretty special collective homes too.


The best beaches in the world are in Byron Shire and the Northern Rivers Region. We have incredible community parks and spaces. And we have people committed to keeping these in the hands of the community as showcased this week in a deal with NSW state government that will keep the Old Byron Hospital site in community hands.


Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.     

– Seneca, and also Stereosonic