December 13, 2018

Individually, Together.

“Together, we can do great things” – Mother Theresa.

Earlier this week, we celebrated as a team for the holidays. As well as celebrating the privilege of serving our community with their real estate needs; we celebrated a year of big projects including a fresh new look, new website, and office renovation. Gathered around the dinner table preparing to share a holiday meal, there was an immense sense of gratitude for the year that was.

As I reflected on the different personalities around that table and the roles they each played in creating the year, the most obvious thing to me was the differences. Our business hosts good people with good intentions but none of those people are alike – our collective at First National Byron is our strength.

We have some agents who can navigate and negotiate deal-making with the clinical precision of a surgeon; ensuring that all aspects of the trade are sound, fair and binding. They are supported by colleagues who possess the strength of extraordinary empathy. Empathy is a tangible skill for real estate agents,  who guide the human actors in a transaction while they transition through the life events and emotions that accompany a sale or purchase.

I looked around that table I saw some of the incredible creative talents we host. Artists who are able to capture and interpret the story of a property in words and images and who inspire people to seek their next chapter in those homes.

There are highly experienced agents in the mix with the dynamic and fresh energy of youth. There are mums and dads around our table, grandparents and millennials.

Then there are the people who glue the elements together – our administrators. It is a special type of person who is prepared to read the instructions and immerse themselves in the detail. They count the beans, cross the t’s and dot the i’s. Without the control of small things, big things just don’t come together.

No one type of intelligence, experience, or perspective is going to be enough to cater to the diverse needs of today’s property customer.

Around that table, this collection of good people reinforced one thing. When we want to achieve anything great, we need great people doing what they are great at, together. I observed how the different parts of the machine were more powerful as a collective.

I saw people express their love of working with one another; a love of where they live and work; and a love of the people they serve. Our thanksgiving was almost complete – we were just missing one important part of the whole – you.

We exist because the community of Byron and the Northern Rivers Region, provide us with the privilege of serving them. We know our community and we value their trust. In partnering with us for the transacting of property, we play a role in constructing the collective communities of our town.

By supporting our collective, we are grateful for the opportunity that allows us, collectively, to enrich the community where we live and work. By supporting local initiatives and through our ability to connect good people to good events and local projects, we recognise that our customers (collectively) enable us to be a part of the community enjoy an enriched and more connected experience with local people, property, lifestyle.

From all of us at First National Byron, we want to say thank you to everyone we connect with for being a part of our collective.