February 28, 2020

Just Like Me

Diversity is something we embrace in Byron Shire and in the business world, we are gaining more and more insight as to why this is important. At very least, we need to have demographic diversity so that the people who sit in our teams, on our boards, in our council chambers and on our benches of judgment resemble the people that they seek to serve. 

But if we take diversity and the strength to a more substantial place, what we soon understand is that diversity is more than skin deep. Diversity of perspective and diversity of skill can be more important than the diversity of a more general kind. 

It is one of the reasons we take a team-based approach to selling. Within your experience buying and selling with First National Byron you may have a primary relationship with an agent but the reality is that working with and supporting that experience is a host of talented, technical and creative people who drive the engine room.

The diverse perspective of our team members allows us to tell a rich story about homes in our area and it that allows us to connect with a diverse group of buyers who are seeking to find their new home.

A trans-disciplinary or even anti-disciplinary approach is the way that many high-performance teams are now organising themselves. It’s an oh-so modern buzz word approach to a simple piece of ancient wisdom:

“Go alone and you’ll go fast; Go together and you’ll go far.”

Social media has a way of removing diversity from our daily lives because the algorithms that drive it, find people who are ‘like’ me, news that I will ‘like’ and they serve that in a treadmill that fills my world with stuff and information that I ‘like’.

Yet there is no growth there. No challenge. 

Some of the best, and certainly the most interesting friendships I have had in my life were with people who were not like me. 

So my challenge this weekend is to make a connection with a person or some content, that is as ‘unlike’ you as you can imagine. You might be surprised how likeable it is.