November 1, 2019

Railway Park Master Stroke

The beautification of Railway Park is the first delivered project of the Byron Bay Masterplan project, and you are invited to a launch on the 2nd of November, 2019 at the re-opening of Railway Park. Festivities commence at 3.30pm.

A $2 million dollar investment into the Shire, the project is now realised after 4 years of development. The launch event represents an inclusive community celebration with our Arakwal community leading a welcome to country and cultural celebration.

The event is being promoted as ‘Come and Play in the Heart of The Bay’ – and this park really does represent the hearth of our community. Physical space to gather and connect is an important part of the social dimension that transcends time and cultural divides throughout human history.

In the indigenous art of our country represents these spaces with concentric circles that tell the story of landmarks and meeting places with significance to lore, culture and community. In the town maps of European history – the churches, town squares and political institutions are similarly marked.

If you log in to google maps you will see the markers of significance in cities are now the shopping malls and entertainment venues where we consume our social interaction – so the investment in public space for community connection speaks volumes to the value of community and connection that our leaders hold.

The space through time has me thinking about the story that these places of significance hold and the thread of history that begs us to take it up. That thread reaches back to the natural history of our shire and the incredible pre-human story that is told in the geological features of the land that we all belong to now.

The songlines of the Arakwal people who lived here as first people and custodians provide story that are sung today in that community and reverberate through our community. I hear these ancient songs in visitors who say – there is ‘something’ special about Byron….something mystical and spiritual that is almost tangible – a vibration of these ancient people and their incredible connection to country.

The camel-lines of the Asian explorers who trekked through coast and country and desert as they reached out to connect trade routes.

And the superhighways of modern Australia that connect Australians to our special corner of the world – they greatly mimic the songlines and camel lines of the past – leading everyone to connect around our hearth, we just call it Railway Park.

For more information about this weekend’s festivities – head to


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