March 2, 2019

Selling with Kids

We all love our kids. So much. But let’s be honest, there can be a lot of work involved in putting your home on the market, and juggling the demands of small people can add to that challenge.

But rather than simply hoping it all works out okay and then finding yourself completely losing your cool (it’s been known to happen!), here’s our guide to getting your home ready when you have littlies.

  • Include them in the dream

Let’s face it. You’re selling your home to move to a new and exciting life and your kids are probably one of the biggest motivators in that. Explain to them how exciting it’s going to be in your new home and how you need their help to sell the old one. Make a game of decluttering and tidying their rooms. Consider getting them to pack extraneous toys to send them on ‘holiday’ and turn it into a Christmas styled opening for the new home.

  • Invisible babies

If you’re selling a two bedroom home, it’s ideal to make both bedrooms look as kid-free for sale as possible, especially if you live in an apartment or townhouse. The cute nursery in a unit does not appeal to the career focused or investors who are the major buyers of these properties.

  • Honey I reduced the kids

If you’re in a three bedroom, one of the children’s bedrooms can remain intact while with a four bedroom, two of the rooms should be in kid format with the fourth an adult styled room. This may involve the kids bunking in together. Allow the inconvenienced child to have first pick of the rooms in the new home. Or failing that, the usual bribery of pocket money, tech gadgets etc.

  • Keep it neutral

Pink bedrooms put off buying families with small boys. Thomas the Tank inspired rooms will deter many girls. The teenager’s Goth phase may need to be discussed and now might be a good time to repaint in more neutral colours. Encourage teenagers to remove wall posters (just for a while) and bribe them to stop using the floor as their wardrobe until after the sale. All rooms need to be clean, fresh and tidy as possible.

  • Ask for help

Now might be a great time to ask friends and family for help juggling the kids and their activities on weekends, especially when you’re trying to renovate or make improvements for sale.  There’s nothing more likely to result in a short fuse than trying to manage ballet, soccer, four hours of painting and the Bunnings carpark in one Saturday! A sleepover or two at grandmas could be on the cards.

  • Hire some help

If the job ahead really does feel like a bridge too far, talk to your agent about getting some paid help. Your agent will have access to tradies who can be hired for repairs, painting, styling, gardening and improvements which will give you more time to hang with the kids.

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