May 1, 2020

Simplicity and The Ease of Things

When there is not a lot that you can do, you begin to understand how little you need to do, really. As the home has become the centre of work, school and life operations, it has struck me how the this compression of our activity has created a simplicity. The ease of it. As restrictions came down, I did spend a lot of time thinking that I would grieve the rush that I had become addicted to, but this ‘ease’ of things has made me wonder if I will instead yearn for this simplicity, when life returns to normal.

And yet, I’m not sure that normal is an ideal thing to be returning too. If I look at the distillation of my priorities as health, home, family, work, and then my creativity and spirituality – there is not one dimension of that which hasn’t prospered and become more enriched and more productive with the absence of the noise and the rush that existed before hand.

I, like many of my friends have been able to focus on meaningful self-care. There has been time to move and to organise and cook nutritious meals for me and my family. With home as a true base, I’ve been able to complete projects that provide comfort and nurture.

I’ve been a better member of our family. With the ‘normal’ rush of work, I am often out of the family home and the stress of balancing those priorities has always been a sense of raising and paying down debt between the priorities of work and home but for once they are integrated. It’s blurred and it’s a bit chaotic but it is strangely blissful. My dogs have never been happier nor better behaved for all of the attention, cuddles and spontaneous midday outdoor activity.

Work and conversations with my clients has been slower, but in a good way. So many people are still in transactional real estate mode but the conversations are longer, more meaningful, and personalised in a way that I haven’t seen since slower times. The market is buoyant, notwithstanding the virus but in the absence of rush – that personal connection is there and the openness from all parties is making for an enjoyable real estate experience for all stakeholders in the transaction.

And there has been time to read. To reflect. To note things down. To have conversations with friends that go beyond the surface. To talk in conversation without eyes on clocks. There has been time to plan, and even better time to dream.

It has been liberating in a way, these restrictions.

Simplicity carried to the extreme, becomes elegance. – John Franklin.

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