January 24, 2020

Sneaky-Uppy Moments

It is the final week of a busy first month to the year, not exactly sure where it went, but suffice to say – the January mid-twenties – snuck up on me. This is about those times and events that sneak up on you; and also the sudden realisations that appear like a teenage coming of age movie when the geek takes off their glasses and you realise they were beautiful and exactly what you were searching for – this whole time.

A sneaky-uppy moment in time is when you had every good reason to see or understand that this moment would be here, and yet – BAM – it has just gone and snuck up and you’re here.  It’s very different from being blindsided by something that no one saw coming. No. Sneaky-Uppy moments are completely predictable moments that your brain just glazed over – creating rush and confusion and a bunch of neuro-chemicals take over from there and spark action.

And often, I think there is a kindness in that Sneaky-Uppy phenomenon. If we had to think about the thing that sneaky-ups, usually I think we would either miss the opportunity altogether OR be so paralysed with panning and boredom that it would interfere with some of the other good stuff we’ve got going on.

There is back to school and Australia Day fevers enmeshed in the retail energy of our streets and I each year I see the look of drawn panic as Mums and Dads rush around to grab pencil cases, lunch boxes, and new shoes. We have had literally ALL summer to do this. The School Terms are gazetted 12 months in advance plus by your mid-thirties we all should know that the first day of school is the school day after the 26 of January public holiday.

And then there are Friday’s. Fridays are innately sneaky-uppy. In Real Estate Friday’s are our Saturday Open Home Eve festival and there is a flurry of preparations involved. Yet every Friday sneaks up, pregnant with its demands and it is just never expected. Who would sleep on a Thursday night though if they really understood what Friday had on a precise and repeating schedule?

The veil of a sneaky-uppy moment has a very real utility, too. Maybe if the geek in the movie kept their glasses on, love wouldn’t grow and couldn’t sneak up and surprise you too. If they were sexy-person from the beginning, all that friendship and companionship mightn’t have been cultivated because the surface concerns of sexy-person would have been distracting?

In any event, when you are faced with a sneaky-upon moment – just embrace it with an approach of laser focus and try to see the favour that your brain might have done you.

Got to go, I can’t believe it’s Friday again already.