April 26, 2019

The Driving Seat

To drive something is to create an impact, energetically. To drive a car, you apply force to the pedal; the car adds energy through fuel and the wheels take the car forward. Even bringing this right back to real estate, we often find the “driving” of a hard bargain means to apply energy in negotiation.


Nothing is making an impact, moving forward, or pushing of its own motion. We know this from physics: there is no type of movement without energy (force), of some kind.


The connection between our physical and social worlds are no more strongly associated than in this phenomena. If we want some change in position, some movement, some (r)evolution; then it must be “driven”. Throughout the history of ‘community’, progress has required ‘someone’ or a group of ‘someones’ to drive – to cause – change, energetically.


I think in modern times, we call this leadership; for which there are a myriad of more comprehensive definitions, but for the scope of this contemplation – I want to focus on the energetic component.


Our First National Byron Team has been involved in an industry initiative from across Australia and New Zealand called ‘RISE’. The mission of RISE was to pull good people from the industry and connect them to try and achieve some good. The recent violence in Christchurch impacted all of us deeply; to think that the freedom and safety we take as a foundational quality of our society could be shattered.


RISE is seeking to raise funds for the families of the victims of the violence through an event and donations. The event will run in Christchurch this week and the team are on track to raise over $100,000. The team from Australia and New Zealand who have led, and driven, the project has caused me to reflect on the people who drive in our community also.


The leaders who establish and drive the projects that enrich our community are drivers. People like The Venerable Honu Dawson who saw a need to address food insecurity in our community and created the Liberation Larder, which served over 22,000 much-needed meals in our community last year.


The agents who represent the sale of real property in our business are agents who understand their leadership position. To take the wheel in negotiation. To drive the marketing project. To create oxygen in bidding at auction. To drive the deal with their energy – infusing value in negotiations so that both parties understand and settle on terms they deem to be fair.


Back to driving. Whether it is a car, a company, a project like RISE, a vision like Liberation Larder or a property transaction; there is no doubt that is easier not to drive, and it is nice to be driven – to take the benefit of someone else’s’ movement and energy; but it is why the driver is so important.


Leaders are driving in families, businesses, projects and communities. The leader drives for everyone’s benefit. They drive when everyone else is tired. They get everyone home safe. We don’t talk too much about the energetic output that driving requires. There are people who choose to drive when everyone else is tired and we don’t often see or realise how much their energy enriches our community improves our destination as a community.

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