November 3, 2022

The Kid Whisperer

Here at First National Byron, we know our patch, love our people, embrace our lifestyle, and are actively involved in events and initiatives that shape our region.

We love to give back to our community and we’d like to show our support for a local resident, the late Ruth “Ru” Barker, more affectionately and professionally known as ‘The Kid Whisperer”.

A resident of Possum Creek, Ru dedicated herself using her passion and talent to providing Montessori-style tutoring to children who perhaps didn’t fit the traditional education mould and needed a little extra learning support to read and write.

As a Pride of Australia medallist and Citizen of the Year winner for her organ donation advocacy work, Ru tutored hundreds of children within the Byron Shire, sitting on their side of the desk, finding ways to connect, teach and uplift those children who may have been overlooked elsewhere.

Her legacy now lives on in the book series she wrote, affectionately named ‘Baby Morris’, to advocate for “play as the occupation of children”. With over 25,000 books sold nationally and internationally, it’s become her husband’s mission to keep Ru’s passion and spirit for educating children by developing the “Baby Morris Giving Back” program.

The ‘Giving Back’ program has been created to provide donations of Baby Morris products to organisations that provide support to sick or disadvantaged children. The program works by individuals, businesses and organisations buying the books and puzzles that are then donated to a specific child-orientated charity of choice.

We’re looking for individuals, businesses and organisations that would love to be involved in continuing Ru’s legacy by providing financial assistance in the form of a donation to provide books and other educational resources to charities that support children.

To find out more or get involved, the team at Baby Morris would love to hear from you.
Visit or email [email protected]

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