April 17, 2020

The Kindness of Honesty

Throughout the pandemic we have been inspired by the kindness pandemic that continues to inoculate our community against some of the more grave impacts of this virus and the measures to limit its spread. 

Our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/firstnationalbyron/ , is filled with stories of local business owners and people and who are using this time of scarcity as an opportunity to give more; celebrating the privilege that is being able to give. It is one of the things that makes our community special and why so many people are still looking to move to our towns.

The continued demand is, I believe, a combination of people wanting to join our special community but it is more than that. I think that the community, the natural features of our region and the deep history and songlines that run through this land create a special alchemy that we can feel as safety, belonging and healing. 

In our world of real estate, we are often the gateway for people into and out of our region and it has been interesting to see those human needs of safety, belonging and healing come to the forefront of discussions around demand. Never have I been more proud of the work that we do in assisting people to find homes.

Our homes have become our offices, our schools, and our sanctuaries so it is not surprising that demand has sustained. We’re not expecting home values in Byron to freefall into an economic winter which should offer peace of mind for the people in our community who, like most Australians, have their security anchored by the value of the principal place of residence.

Given that our houses are as unique as we are, no matter what we can say generally about the market, it is always better to have an individual discussion with your agent, and I would recommend that for every homeowner who would find peace of mind from personalised, relevant, and contemporary market activity near their home contact their agent for that information.

So many of the connections we are having as agents right now is really for sensible and evidence-based information. I think at First National Byron, too, for our agents that information is given directly to clients in a way that will inform them – factual and accurate information over time is why we are the most trusted real estate agency in our region.

We value trust because our community does too. Good agents, good conversations about property have both of those ingredients. Empathy from the heart to understand the situation and to earnestly share information and time to make sure that there is understanding. Then data and interpretation from the head to ensure that our customers have access to the most current insights. Packaged up, the combination of head and heart in real estate is what I like to think of as the kindness of honesty. Real, real estate.

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