June 14, 2019

The Write Stuff

The weather is cooling down and that means one thing – The Byron Writers Festival is rolling into town soon. The festival celebrates the art of wordsmiths and the richness that literature brings to our lives.

Writing is about story, sure, but it is also has a transformative element that has the ability to create and transport the reader to the environment of the story and also the perspective of the writer. That is the art of writing – it is not merely a record or account of ‘what’ happened – but an interpretation that prompts us to ‘make’ story. The artists, we call them writers, create the sense of time, space, and theme and weave it together for us to create story as we ingest their words.

It is the process of distilling the essence of an event, a place, a character, a relationship down to its purest form and retelling it in a way that creates visual imagery and audible sensation through simple words on a page, rearranged. And that is wonderful.

As real estate agents, our art is telling the story of property. The potential, the lifestyle, the design choices and enabling a buyer to picture themselves in the home. To create their future via property.

As readers, we can reach back in time to authors that we have never met and understand their themes and apply them to our own worlds. In these edits, I have spoken before about my unhealthy adoration of Jane Austen and reading Pride and Prejudice over and over again – not just to transport me to the grounds of Pemberley Estate BUT to share a view of the world with Austen herself.

For all intents and purposes, Austen was a badass. She made a living from her pen at a time when financial independence was almost unthinkable for a single woman. She was the Sheryl Sandberg of her time, for sure, and through her stories – her thoughts and views – Austen is not a part of my world, I have become a part of hers. That is the point of art – it is abstracted from time and space and it makes it possible for Austen and I to be friends. Best friends.

Books are slow. And in a fast, fast world the idea of taking the time to thumb through pages and allow the immersion to happen is everything you need. So, here is to the writers who take us on journeys through time, through space, and through them.

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