March 25, 2021


As a writer, I’ve been prone to the odd typo. Sometimes it is a slippery little one that slips through the cracks of proof reading and sometimes it is more obvious and I want to move and change my name from embarrassment. The typo that you can see above, is not like other typos I’ve made, it is deliberate.

You can probably still read our business name without too much trouble. The missing A, O and B are not fatal to making their meaning. However, for many people in our community who rely on blood donations to survive acute or life-threatening conditions, these three letters mean everything.

The #missingtype movement, which began in 2016, by The Red Cross Organisation exists to draw attention to the need for blood donations and the subtly of missing type is a wonderful metaphor to demonstrate the impact of dangerously low blood donation levels.

The letters A, O and B have disappeared from some of the most recognisable brands and landmarks since the campaign began including The Sydney Opera House, NAB, Qantas and The Byron Bay Cookie Company. Search the hashtag #missingtype on your social media to return some of the creative ways that these letters have gone missing.

While the letters leave a noticeable hole in these logos, imagine the empty space that would be left by patients awaiting the donation of blood products if they did not have access to them.

In Australia, one blood donation is needed every 24 seconds and around 100,000 new donors are needed in the next year alone, according to the Australian Red Cross.

And the reality is that it is not a gift everyone can give. If you are eligible to give blood, it is a wonderful way to celebrate the privilege of good health. Particularly if you have a rare blood type or rhesus negative blood type, your donation can be especially impactful for someone who needs it.

In our shire, there is a mobile blood donation centre that is scheduled to visit again on Ewingsdale Road in May. If you feel like being a superhero with an impact of 10/10 and an effort of about 3/10, you can view the details of when it is in town at this link:


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