January 17, 2019

View Of The World

As our team at First National Byron caught up in the office after the holiday break where we shared our diverse experience and perspective of the holiday, its weather events, and our hopes and plans for the year ahead. At the beginning of 2019, there were as many views to the year ahead as there were people to hold and view them.   

That moment…right there… captured the essence of the human story. Both the chapters that have been written that put a person where they stand; and the chapters unwritten offering a different brand of hope and adventure to each person.

A wise person once told me that the truth of anything, if it were to exist as something universal and objective, could be found at the very top of a mountain. From the bottom of that mountain, we can only ever see segments of truth, limited by our perspective – our view. The further we are away from the other people who surround the mountain, the less likely our view will encapsulate any overlap of their view.

Further, the more determined we are to stand still at the bottom of that mountain, the more stuck we will be with our own view – and we will be limited by that singular vantage. If we move, we can perceive the view of others and we open up our perspective for other people to share.

It is a stunning visual and a reminder about how important it is to seek the views of the people we interact with. Every seller, buyer, tenant, landlord, shop owner, holiday maker, and child has a place around the bottom of that mountain – a unique view of the world.

Real estate is a service industry that is most intimately connected with home, identity, security and belonging – every person we interact with has or is seeking connection with their view of ‘home’.

Human story is inseparable from the notion of ‘home’ and that casual post-holiday exchange became a reminder of the hyper-local and hyper-personal journey we travel with home owners and home seekers in our day to day.

A property transaction may very well end in offer and acceptance, however, human story drives those actions. To work as a real estate agent, we must understand the mechanics of the deal. But to be a  trusted guide in the process, we also strive to understand views, align motivations and manage the transition of ownership. There is a value in trust.

The slogan “The Value of Trust” adorns the office door in Fletcher Street as a constant reminder of the deeper work we do.