September 19, 2019

You don’t have to be Marie Kondo to declutter

Marie Kondo and her KonMarie method of decluttering is taking the world by storm. With four
books and a series on Netflix, she’s the queen of tidying up with her own tailored method of
folding clothes and guidelines for decluttering every part of your home and life.
But let’s face it, her level of detail is a little bit terrifying.

We’ve created a room by room guide
to decluttering based on the most common issues we see as agents and some simple steps
you can prioritise.

1. Living room
One of the most common mistakes of living rooms is to over-furnish them with too-
large sofas and big television units. Move this furniture out – either sell it or put into
storage – and replace with something lighter and brighter that complements your

2. Kitchen
Are your benchtops crammed with recipe books and knick knacks? Box them now
and get the surfaces cleaned off. Strip all the fridge magnets and drawings from the
kids off the fridge. Go through your appliance cupboard, and everything you bought
which you thought would save you time, but which has in fact been used once or
twice, can go to charity or onto eBay.

3. Bathrooms
The guest soaps you collected from hundreds of hotels can be thrown or donated to
charity if they are in good order. Go through your vanity unit. Throw out anything that
is out of date, or which hasn’t been used for a year. This includes medicines,
makeup, sunscreen, old hair gel and miracle face cream that didn’t work.

4. Bedrooms
Kids toys should be culled and tidied regularly. Throw out broken toys and wage
continual war on escaped Lego and Barbie with some storage solutions specially for
those toys. Pick up everything off the floor. Put all your clothes on the bed and go
through one by one. If you haven’t worn it for a couple of years, you’re unlikely to
again. Make a pile for repairs of items that you want to keep. Pack or donate what
you no longer want to charity or consider selling better quality items on eBay.

5. Laundry
Laundries tend to be dumping grounds of everything from sporting equipment to old
shoes to cleaning products. If the kids haven’t played with them for more than 6
months, or if they no longer fit, send them to charity or put on eBay. Stick all the
cleaning products into a bucket and stow. After all this tidying, you’ll want to give the
place a good clean.

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