July 23, 2020

Zero Potential

0,0. It is the starting point on a graph where there is no data and it is the womb of all potential that can be expressed scientifically. 0,0. While it is true that the absence of data is the very definition of ‘emptiness’; I believe that the glass-half-full brigade sees more than just blind optimism in 0,0. They see potential.

Potential is an unlimited and unknown state where reality doesn’t exist or at least reality can not restrict and constrain what is possible.

“The world of reality has limits; the world of imagination is boundless.” – Rousseau

Dreaming and vision happen at 0,0. A blank canvas is an ultimate permission to create and it becomes reality when we start to move through that process and harness to power of collision between dreams and limits.

As real estate agents, this happens when we find a character home and buyers walk through it – each of them bringing their own 0,0 to the inspection. It is phenomenal to watch how a buyer will take their 0,0 and begin to imagine their future with the property. On settlement, those constraints of reality then collide with the dream and what is crafted then becomes a story.

The process of 0,0 becoming a story leaves artefacts in a property. These artefacts look like tyre swings in trees, new tiles on a bathroom floor, hand-built brick barbeques, or even more grand manifestations.

As a modern human, obsessed with ‘rushing’, it is really difficult to spend time in 0,0 because it feels like ‘done’ is much more important than ‘vision’. We don’t spend enough time dreaming and I wonder if it has been the great diminishment of ‘play’ from the world of the adult that frowns upon it.

At a state of 0,0 we can survey potential and if we aren’t spending enough time here – are we missing potential? What are the implications of doing over dreaming, when it is a constant preference?

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