December 4, 2018

Byron Hospital Deal

“What I love most about my home is who I share it with.” – Tad Carpenter.

Sure there are ‘homes’ that we live in with our families, including the families that we construct out of friends, flatmates and even pets. Then there are the collective homes that we own and share, via community ownership. Community ownership allows the People, collectively, to enjoy property ownership and become stakeholders in space that is administered by the local council.

The people of Byron Shire have been on the sweet side of one of the best real estate deals in history, with their collective holdings enhanced last week from the purchase of the Old Byron Hospital site from the state government; for the tidy sum of $1.

The contract is being prepared now for the transfer of the site, and it comes with a significant amount of intention in consideration of the couch change being used to purchase it.

The transfer comes with an additional $200,000 in funding from NSW health in order to transform the site into a community space for a range of arts, education, health and community groups to deliver their enriching missions to our community.

The deal has come about after a local committee of citizens, led by Byron First National’s Chris Hanley and local Parliamentary Secretary Ben Franklin.

“This is a very proud moment for that crazy group of people who have stuck together and grown along the way to do this amazing work,” Mr Hanley told Christian Morrow from the Northern Star.

“Byron is full of good people with good energy who want the place to work better but we don’t always have the vehicle to do that and this is a project where everything, including the political parties, councillors and community, have come together to deliver a brilliant result.”