May 25, 2018

Creative Capital

In case you missed it recently, Byron Bay has been crowned Australia’s most creative regional centre, by the Regional Australia Institute.

In our part of the world, we are surrounded by the cultural vibrancy and an engaged community of artists and innovators who add a richness and texture to our community.

Creativity, innovation, and an environment of expression are one of those intangible, yet very real drivers of growth in a property market, too. It adds to the lifestyle and desirability price of a property and offers value beyond the bricks and mortar.

We take a fly about town and celebrate some of the creative initiatives, that make Byron Shire and The Northern Rivers Region Australia’s premier hub for creativity.


The centre has always attracted artisans and bohemians but in 2017, the estate took form as a centralised node for creative expression. Offering young people participation in disciplines from film-making, electronic music production, graffiti and dance – the hub provides access for experimentation in the creative industries and a pathway to professional careers in the performing and fine arts and new media.


The buildings of our region have become the canvasses of our creative residents and visitors. There is no definition of street art because the purpose of street art defies categorisation and critique. Far from a perception as ‘destructive’ or ‘defacing’ – the street art is cherished as evidence of a town expressing itself.


Our region plays host to some of the world’s most enticing festivals, no matter what you are interested in. Here is a list of just some of our favourites:


  • The Byron Spirit Festival
  • The International Fashion Festival
  • Ocean Swim Classic
  • Bangalow Billy Cart Derby
  • Splendour In The Grass
  • Surf Festival, and of course our sentimental favourite,
  • The Byron Writer’s Festival.


The region hosts an array of award-winning produce and locally produced craft food items. Only last month, the Cape Byron Distillery took our the international title for the World’s Best Gin. On the subject of drinking, the range of Stone and Wood ales is taking the craft beer world by storm. Byron Bay cookies have become the ubiquitous Australian cafe biscuit, served on iconic Australian airline Qantas.


Liberation Larder, a community food pantry created by a Buddhist nun who found herself as a temporary resident in Byron Bay, has been embraced by the people of the region as a creative way to address complex social inequities and to provide a positive approach to human sustainability.

The creative capital of our region is a driving force for growth and one of the insulating factors we have to broader economic trends. We are a town of unrivalled natural beauty and it is matched with extraordinary human potential from the people who are drawn here and thrive in a community that nurtures and encourages creative expression.

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