April 1, 2015

What Do Rain And Chocolate And Music Have In Common?

Easter is here and that means music, rain, chocolate and hopefully some good waves and a few extra people on our beaches and in our cafes.

If you are visiting us from elsewhere we welcome you to town.

We wish you, your family and friends a happy Easter.

Our property market is again very healthy after years of ebbs and flows and flat spots and at times even some backward steps.

Right now most of the Byron Shire is really strong for sellers wishing to move. There are some sections of our world like the older streets of Byron Bay, Sunrise Beach and some pockets of the rural environs that are really strong with recent record sales that have moved the prices up significantly.

Anyone who has had an appraisal of their property done more than 3 months ago needs a reappraisal as many segments of our quickly moving markets have moved up a rung or two in this time. Segments of Byron Shire move very quickly once they have a tail wind.

All over the shire there is new building work going on with renovations and new homes often being built in the same street and some of the popular builders are now being booked well into the future.

All of these positive signs follow on from one of the best summers in years for the businesses of the shire and they augur well for the remainder of 2015 and for the community in general.

There is a positive mood within the community that is nowhere better illustrated than by the momentum gathering around the Byron Town Centre Master plan.

I have personally been involved with this wonderful initiative for 18 months. After attending many community meetings with businesses and community groups, landholders and council officers I am convinced that when the draft plan is presented to the community and council later this year we will all be advantaged-visitors and locals-with a better functioning, more vibrant and more pedestrianized community.

Please stay tuned.

Finally, and very importantly, we have just had elections and as you might already know we have had a huge electoral change with the Greens winning the seat of Ballina from the National Party and looking likely to win the seat of Lismore also.

Byron Shire now has a Green Mayor and a Green state member.

A first anywhere in the regions we believe.

Happy Easter.

Chris Hanley