June 5, 2018

Spotlight On The Market | June 2018

It’s cold. Not the market – the weather.

Cold weather in June on the eastern seaboard of Australia usually means one thing: Rugby League’s State of Origin. It turns state against state and mate against mate. So, in the spirit of friendly competition, we are pitting Byron Bay against Noosa in Queensland in our very own State of Origin – The Lifestyle Property Series.

*The data is spot on but the author discloses a pretty obvious bias. You are allowed to have a bias when it comes to any State of Origin series.

HEAD TO HEAD – Property data:


A win for NSW.

There is no way to argue with the growth trends that Byron Bay can boast over Noosa. The 10-year growth trend shows that Noosa still has a way to come back, in the wake of the GFC – which was (just over) 10 years ago. Although these type of economic events tend to affect lifestyle property markets more so than the metropolitan markets, Byron Bay seemed to have done a better job of maintaining capital growth throughout the fluctuations. For investors, the return is slightly better North of the border, but not enough to sway the win from the unequivocal capital gain of Byron Bay.

HEAD TO HEAD – Beaches:

Australia has over 10,000 beaches but for lifestyle property, the beaches in and around Byron Bay and Noosa are the respective jewels in the crown of each state.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay is famous for its natural beauty and unrivalled surf beaches. The long sandy stretches from Belongil and Main beach, then wrapping around the point to Tallow Beach are some of the best surf beaches in the world. It’s an easy drive to beaches in Ballina and Hastings Point, Fingal Heads, Kingscliffe and Shark Bay.


Well, there is the Little Cove of Hastings Street. This is a pretty famous ‘family beach’ due to the gentle little waves and it is probably best known as a longboarders beach. To get any decent breaks, you’ll need to hop in the car and head to Nationals (but beware the rocky rocks); Tea Tree Bay (awesome but it is a few hundred metre paddle,); and Granite Bay is nearby…but be prepared for a big walk.


A win for NSW.

Let’s defer to the expert on beaches and let the world champion surfer, Mick Fanning, decide. After his world famous shark-punch incident in J-Bay – where did Mick Fanning decide to hop back into the water. Home. Which is, of course, Ballina.

Head to Head – Community:

Both Byron Bay and Noosa are both famous lifestyle and holiday destinations. However, an important part of any lifestyle is the people you share it with.

Byron Bay:

The community in Byron Bay is an incredibly special part of the lifestyle fabric. Byron Bay and the surrounding towns are a creative hub for artists and bohemians – and all of that weaves into daily life as a living and breathing part of the region. Byron Bay, as a town, is the service centre for these arts and cultural activities and the development and community in town embraces these initiatives.


There is no doubt that the Sunshine Coast is host to a wide range of creative capital – you just probably won’t find it on Hastings Street. Instead of showcasing the local artistic and cultural offering, the main street for tourists and holiday makers is lined with many of the same chain boutiques that you can find in any Westfield mega-mall or airport shopping precinct.


A win for NSW.

Byron Bay has just been awarded the most creative regional town by the Regional Australia Institute, while North of the border, Noosa didn’t even hold it’s own against the Gold Coast – probably because the Gold Coast is a lot closer to Byron Bay.

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