July 11, 2017

Renting In Byron Bay – The Basics

So you’ve decided to move to Byron Bay, and why not? It’s an absolutely beautiful part of the world with a unique community and lifestyle.

Here’s some general information to help you to rent in Byron Bay.

Understand that Byron Bay is a tourist town and a popular holiday destination. This means that in summer Byron Bay can be very busy, the footpaths overflow with people and the cafes and restaurants are full and traffic can slow to crawl. It feels the whole world is visiting Byron Bay and enjoying the beaches and sun, it also creates a real buzz and the happy energy seems contagious from the many holiday goers. Byron Bay is not the same in summer as it is in winter. That’s not to say that it becomes boring and cold in winter, in fact, winter in the bay is beautiful and a favourite time of the year amongst many locals. The crowds ease, the surf is good, you can sit in the sun without burning and the whales are migrating past our little town. But Byron Bay does become a little sleepy during winter and you may find less jobs available than in summer. Typically people working in retail and hospitality can easily find work in Byron Bay, but during winter there will be less jobs than in summer. So if you will be seeking employment when you relocate to Byron Bay, best to be aware of what industries are normally hiring during what time of the year.

Rental prices go up and down during the year.

In summer when there are many visitors and high demand for accommodation the rental prices are more than they are in winter. So as someone new to Byron Bay it is a good idea to try and avoid renting a property in the peak summer period. Ideally relocating to Byron during spring is a good idea as rental prices are not as high as during summer and businesses are getting ready for the busy period of the year.

Be prepared.

Once you have arrived in Byron and you’ve found yourself someone to stay with a contact or in short term accommodation, now it’s time to start inspecting rental properties. Being prepared with your rental application forms filled out and ready to hand to the agent at the inspection is a great idea! Timing is everything when it comes to rental properties. If a property is available now and you’re looking to move in a months’ time, well that’s 4 weeks of rent the owner will miss out on compared to someone who is ready to move in straight away. Be aware of when a property is available and the closer your lease commencement date can be to that date, the stronger your application will be. Yes, it will take some effort and time to fill out the forms before inspecting the property and there is a chance that you don’t even like the property and you’ve wasted your time filling in the forms. But if the property was to be perfect for you, then you’re ahead of everyone else who has only just inspected the property and are now running home to fill in forms and find identification documents.

Be polite and punctual.

Many people think that the Leasing Agent or Property Manager who processes your application only evaluates you on your paperwork. This is absolutely not true. Many good agents realise that using a common sense approach to evaluate a prospective tenants during the inspection can assist in finding great tenants. If you arrive at the inspection 10 minutes late, park across the drive-way and beer bottles fall all over the footpath when you open your car door, well this might not go in your favour on the agents scoreboard. If you miss out on a property, don’t get upset with the Property Manager, at the end of the day the decision is made by the owner and if you keep the agent on side they may help you find another property or at least give you some advice on how to make your application stronger for next time.

Moving can be an exciting time and offers a real opportunity to re-evaluate your situation. If you’re thinking of making Byron Bay your new home, then we hope these general tips are helpful. If you’d like any more insight into what’s going on in Byron at present or if you’d like to reach out to us to learn more feel free to subscribe to our weekly Newsletter or give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.

Jade Thomas

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