April 6, 2017

Smoke Alarms

1300 Compliance Services are offering to check smoke detectors and blind cords annually to ensure that your property is safe.

Neither the landlord nor the tenant are, except with reasonable excuse, permitted to remove or interfere with the operation of a smoke alarm fitted in the rented premises.

Where a smoke alarm is of the type that has a replaceable battery, the landlord must put a new battery in at the commencement of a tenancy.

After the tenancy begins, the tenant is responsible for replacing the battery if needed. However, if the tenant is physically unable to change the battery the tenant is required to notify the landlord as soon as possible after becoming aware of the need for it to be replaced.

The tenant is not responsible for the replacement of batteries in ‘hard-wired’ smoke alarm systems that have battery back-up. This is the responsibility of the landlord.

The condition report section of the tenancy agreement must include a specific reference to smoke alarms so that tenants and landlords are able to note and comment on the presence of smoke alarms at the beginning and end of the tenancy.

Owners of residential properties who rent out their premises as holiday accommodation are responsible for installing smoke alarms and replacing batteries.

Other laws apply to boarding houses and backpackers.

To ensure your property is safe and covered for insurances, we recommend using a professional service to maintain the smoke alarms in your property. We have attached links for your information regarding the servicing of smoke alarms in your property. To ensure tenants safety and to protect you from a possible insurance claim we feel that the service this company offers is worth doing.

1300 Smoke Alarms will also check blind cords are working and are compliant.

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If you have any questions about these services, feel free to get in touch with us.

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