June 22, 2016

How Do People Find Your Home? Then And Now

The greatest change in the house buying world is how people today find your house when it is for sale.

The agent used to be the sole keeper of the knowledge and his or her listing book was a bible – like hard covered loose leafed magic depository that we all guarded zealously.

Agents were diligent with these handwritten books and they worked because they had contact phone numbers, property details, land sizes and they told you whether the dishwasher stayed.

We all needed them – buyer, agent and seller and there was one well known agent I remember in the region that did not use a listing book. He could remember block sizes, phone numbers and the number of bedrooms in a home and he prided himself on this point of difference. For the rest of us though, listing books were the next most important tool after the landline telephone.

Today we agents no longer have listing books instead; we have portals, websites, computers, iPads and iPhones.

But the good agents still have a kind of listing book – it’s called the knowledge inside their head – their local knowledge – accumulated cognizance and empathy that they have amassed often over decades about their community.

When you are thinking of selling why not test the prospective agents by asking them about their knowledge of their local communities. The community in which your home sits. Ask them who they know and what they know and ask them for successful case studies. Examine them to see if they are able to answer the myriad of questions buyers always ask when they are moving home and moving life. Questions about schools and sports teams and neighbours and support networks.

If an agent is really knowledgeable about his or her community and deeply connected in that community they will be able to vastly improve your chances of selling your home for its highest possible price.

At BBFN we look forward to being tested.

Please contact any of the sales team at BBFN if you need information or help.

Chris Hanley

BBFN Sales Team

James Young

Su Reynolds

Paul Banister

Helen Huntly-Barratt

Tara Torkkola

Paul Prior

Luke Elwin

Helene Adams

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