July 2, 2015

Why Winter Works…

For many years people have believed that summer and spring were the best seasons to sell a property in our region but this was only ever partially correct as the number of sales in October and November were high but in December and January there were far less sales.

One of the reasons that winter now works as a strong selling season is that there is less competition in winter because traditionally fewer people put their homes on the market at this time of the year.

In terms of supply and demand having less competition can mean your property might achieve a better price simply because buyers have less choice. But as economists are finding, with our big city markets, supply and demand alone do not always determine price in real estate markets.

Another reason why winter works is that the smart buyers who arrive here to look during winter or the locals need less education as this is the time of the year when our region is most itself.

Winter is the time when the locals reclaim their towns and villages and when we all let out a long breath and enjoy our beautiful region with a few less inhabitants.

If buyers spend time in our region during winter they are often serious about research and immersion in this area as a means of working out if they really want to live here and it is THE best time to get a feel for what our community is really like. There is also a slowness that fills up the gaps within our towns right now and this calmer pace makes selling and buying easier.

One last reason why winter works is that the market is good now.

Who knows what will happen later in the year or next year.

Crystal -balling as a means of choosing the top of a market is impossible. In more than 3 decades of real estate in our region I have never seen anyone pick the top of the market and all I know is that the market is good NOW.

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Chris Hanley

Thank you to Nikki Elwin – Byron Shala for providing this fabulous photo. Visit their website www.byronshala.com

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