August 29, 2023

Podcast – Our Byron Community

A podcast that explores the diverse community of the North Coast. We find out how people ended up here, and why they stay. We discuss topics like sustainability, creativity, surfing, music, farming, housing, and also talk with many local business owners.
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22. A Journey Through Time | Lissa Coote’s Adventure Story
20 March 2024 
Tune in for an inspiring episode featuring Lissa Coote, the adventurous president of Coorabell Hall in Byron Bay
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21. From Byron Bay to the Stage | The Artistic Journey of Thomas Hughes
7 March 2024 
Thomas shares his unique perspective on growing up in this beautiful coastal town, being a part of its vibrant creative community, and witnessing the impact of societal changes over the years.
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20. Byron Bay Reflections | The Oliver Dunne Story
21 February 2024
In this podcast, Oliver Dunn provides a thoughtful perspective on what makes Byron Bay special and how it can maintain its chilled charm.
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19. Beyond the Waves | Nell Schofield’s Journey from ‘Puberty Blues’ to Byron Bay
1 February 2024
In this episode, we unravel not just the making of a cult classic but also Nell’s personal journey, making it a must-listen for fans of Australian cinema, surf culture enthusiasts, and anyone captivated by unique life stories.
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18. Navigating Life | Dr Joel Hissinks Tale from the Navy to Medicine
17 January 2024
Embark on a captivating journey in this episode as we sit down with Joel Hissink, a local doctor making a meaningful impact in Byron Bay.
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17. Behind the Mic | The stories of Our Creative Podcast Team
18 December 2023
Discover the voices shaping our podcast magic! In this year-end episode, Chris sits down with Tianna Podesta, Oli Ayo, and Mayra Castro – the dynamic trio behind the scenes.
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17. Crafting Tales in Byron Bay | Unleashing Creativity with Sarah Armstrong
30 November 2023
In this episode, we dive into the story of Sarah Armstrong, an author who found herself in the creative haven of Byron Bay. 
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16.Unpacking Housing Dynamics | Insights with Jack Dodds and Rob Doolan
14 November 2023
In this episode, we’re delighted to welcome back Jack Dodds as our guest, accompanied by the insightful Rob Doolan. Together, we navigate the intricacies of the housing landscape, shedding light on general community issues, with a particular emphasis on housing dynamics.
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15. From The Big Scrub to Fine Craftsmanship | The Tony Kenway Story
17 October 2023
In this podcast, we delve into the life of Tony Kenway, a master craftsman deeply connected to the natural beauty of Northern New South Wales, Australia.
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14. Byron Rhythms | A Journey through Music Journalism with Samuel J Fell
17 October 2023
Samuel J Fell is a renowned music journalist who transitioned into a vital presence in Byron Bay’s thriving music scene after starting his career in journalism. Hear the story of how he stumbled upon Byron while covering Rhythms music magazine for Bluesfest in 2005 and why this extraordinary community forever won his heart.
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13. Exploring the Universe with Dylan O’Donnell | From IT to Astronomy
27 September 2023
Join us for an inspiring adventure alongside Dylan O’Donnell, a multi-talented individual who initially pursued a career in IT but later gravitated toward the creative aspects, particularly web development, before discovering his passion for astronomy and astrophotography.
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12. Empowering Voices | Delta Kay and the Voice to Parliament
12 September 2023
We engage in a thoughtful conversation with Delta Kay, a respected member of our community in Byron Bay and a proud Bunjalung Arakwal woman. Through Delta’s personal journey, we explore the triumphs and challenges faced by Indigenous communities, both in Australia as a whole and in our charming coastal town.
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11. Inside the Top Shop | A Byron Bay Tale with Charlie Gordon
7 September 2023
Join us as we chat with Charlie Gordon, one of the masterminds behind the beloved Top Shop.  The Top Shop isn’t just any café; it’s a special place with a history in Byron. Come with us to learn how Charlie and his brother, Andy, made it a local favourite.
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10. Justice and Driving Change | The Inspirational Path of Isabelle Reinecke
18 August 2023
We sit down with the remarkable Isabelle Reinecke, a motivated and dynamic individual who traded the city lights of Sydney for the tranquil beauty of Byron Bay. Tune in to hear about her incredible influence in the world of law and justice, and her journey into her legal career, the challenges she faced along the way, and how she established Grata Fund, Australia’s first non-profit strategic litigation incubator and funder. This initiative was created to harness the power of law in tackling systemic injustices.
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9. Behind the Echo  |  Unveiling the Artistry and Heart of Byron Bay with Jeff Dawson
15 August 2023
Join us for an insightful conversation with Jeff Dawson, the creative force behind the lens and publishing at the Byron Bay Echo. Delve deep into the world of photography and publishing as we explore how Jeff’s role at the Byron Shire Echo goes beyond a job—it’s source of inspiration, pride, purpose, love, joy, and creativity.
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8. Riding the Waves of Resilience  |  The Inspiring Journey of Mark Stewart (AKA) Mono
2 August 2023
Join us to uncover how Mono pursued his passion for surfing and became a professional surfer, defying all odds and proving that determination knows no bounds. The ocean became his refuge, bringing healing and purpose to his life. Prepare to be inspired by the remarkable life story of Mark Stewart, also known as “Mono,” a living example of resilience and determination.
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7. Frank Boyle of Marlivale Farm
11 July 2023
We explore the life of Frank Boyle, a seasoned farmer and the president of the Byron and Bangalow Farmers Market. Discover his rich family history including why a road was named after him, and the reasons behind his unconventional choice to cultivate Pecans instead of Macadamias.
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6. Mandy Nolan | Finding Home and Protective Love in Byron Bay
22 June 2023
Discover Mandy Nolan’s captivating journey as she finds her comedic and political haven in Byron Bay. Explore the significance of finding a place that feels like home, artistically and geographically, as Mandy pushes boundaries and reflects on the delicate balance between progress and preservation. Laugh, reflect, and gain a deeper understanding of the magnetic allure of Byron Bay as comedy, politics, home, and the spirit of a remarkable region intertwine in this thought-provoking conversation.
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5. Our Local Community Book Shop  |  The Book Room
30 May 2023
Join us for a conversation with John Mitchell, the owner of the Book Room in Byron Bay. We unravel the remarkable tale of a man who purchased a “retirement” business, discovered his passion for books, pursued his dreams in Byron Bay, and found a fulfilling life beyond the shelves.
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4. Parkway Drive’s Winston McCall  |  A True Local of Byron Bay
27 April 2023
Join us for an inspiring episode featuring Winston McCall, the lead vocalist of Parkway Drive, one of the world’s most successful and widely-known metal bands. He shares his deep admiration for Byron Bay’s community, its stunning natural beauty, and the creative energy that has shaped his music and life. An insightful conversation with a legendary musician, offering a unique perspective on the power of community and the journey to success.
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3. Community Matters  |  Building a Better Future for Our Town
13 April 2023
Architect and Urban Designer, Jack Dods, joins us in this episode of “Community Matters” to discuss growing up in Byron Bay, and his involvement with the Byron Bay Masterplan. Jack shares his insights on the challenges and opportunities facing the Byron Bay community, and how we can work to build a better more sustainable future.
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2. The Byron Bay Experience  |  A local’s perspective
31 March 2023
We sit down with Courtney Miller, a local who grew up in the stunning beach town of Byron Bay. Courtney takes us on a journey through her life, from her childhood memories of living in Byron Bay, to the experiences that led her to move away, and eventually, to return to start a family. She shares her thoughts on what she would change about her hometown, as well as what she loves most about it. Courtney’s story is a personal one, but it’s also a story of the town itself and how it has changed over the years.
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1. Welcome to Byron Bay
14 March 2023
Welcome to our very first episode of “Our Byron Community”! Today we’re diving into the vibrant community of Byron Bay, and discussing the latest updates on the real estate market and interest rates. We share our insights and experiences to help you navigate the local market. Join us as we explore the unique blend of lifestyle, community, and real estate that makes Byron Bay such a special place.
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