April 26, 2019

Why Green Is the Go-To Colour

Green is back thanks to interior designers who are embracing eco-fashion.

New house designs and renovations are being dominated by a philosophy of embracing the environment and stepping lightly on the planet.

Judicious use of indoor plants are blurring the lines between lounge rooms and outdoor entertaining. Soft furnishings of natural fibre are replacing man-made fibres. Carpets that hold dust and mites are being ripped up for new or reclaimed floorboards.

Green has emerged as a favourite colour as part of this sweeping focus on introducing nature into the home. Not since the 1930s have we seen green so popular and, depending on the shade, it can be used as both a warm or cool colour.

Living rooms and bedrooms are favourites for a splash of green. It works best when used as a strong colour on a feature wall and really pops against the beauty of natural floorboards.

A big mistake is to dial it down. A compromise choice such as “mint” can deliver a featureless, wishy-washy atmosphere. Night Watch, a colour developed by PPG Paints, has a rich hue that’s typical of the statement-greens many interior designers love today.

Green isn’t the only colour to re-emerge. Black is being given a huge push, especially by kitchen appliance companies. It’s become increasingly common to see black window trims against light-coloured exterior renders. In America, black matte and gloss finishes are high-fashion for floorboards, and we’re seeing that creeping into Australian interior design.

It works best when the room has white or light furnishings and plenty of natural light, otherwise it can suck the light out of the room.

Here are a few tips to show your eco-fashion credentials:

  1. Bedrooms love green. Lush, deep greens are soothing and warm – perfect for a modern bedroom. You can paint a feature wall, or pick out a green bedhead and find complementary linen to create an atmosphere full of nature. New or reclaimed floorboards are a wonderful complement.
  2. Commit green to a feature wall. There are so many green shades to choose from, but use a strong, vibrant green that will contribute to the nature-focused interior of your home.
  3. Don’t forget fixtures and fittings. If you’re not convinced about a feature wall, consider curtains and soft furnishings of green. A chair of green upholstery or frame works fabulously, too. You can make brand new items feel vintage with green.
  4. Lush greens for the exterior work wonderfully. Consider using green for planter boxes or, if you have them, window shutters. Tropical and native plants in green pots provide a fabulous finish.
  5. Paint your front door a bright green. Nothing lifts an entrance like a splash of gloss on the front door. The brighter the green, the more fun your house will feel. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to lift the presentation of your home when you’re selling or leasing.
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